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Tutoring classes

Experienced mentors

Whether you have a specific goal in mind, want to practice for an olympiad, or want to find your next job, we provide personal guidance to make sure we head in the right direction. Our mentors have different backgrounds and are experts in their field, so they’ll guide you in the best direction to make sure you achieve your goals.

Certificate of completion

After successful course completion, the students get certificates from Profound Academy stating that they successfully finished the course. When getting a certificate, please make sure you have the correct name on your profile page (you can edit the profile page at any time).

Meet 3 times a week

The tutoring sessions take place 3 times a week. Students are free to pick their schedules. If one does not find a convenient time slot, they can always request it by contacting the organizers. Students are free to attend fewer sessions if they cannot make it but we encourage them to take 3 classes per week.

<10 learners in groups

The groups never exceed 10 students by design. We believe that it’s best to keep the group size small to provide the best experience for each learner. Having peers is also important as learning is a social experience - it keeps the motivation high.

Consistent progress

Regular tutoring classes help in establishing a routine to practice and learn faster. Learners get unstuck faster, progress better, and create stronger relationships with their peers.

Division by progress

When organizing classes, we group people who have made the same progress together. So, during the meeting, everyone has the same context and approximately the same knowledge (Students who have reached the level where they cover `for` loops are in one group, while those who reached the level of `if/else` statements are in another. And these groups can change from meeting to meeting). We believe this kind of division by the made progress is beneficiary for both students and tutors. Students who learn fast don’t get bored in the classes as they usually do at schools, while people who need more time, have the flexibility to study longer and remain consistent.

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Tutoring classes


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