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Profound Academy is an educational platform that provides tailored courses for hands-on learning about computer science topics. Everything is hands-on and interactive, so the only way to make progress is by solving various challenges, instead of only consuming content.
Students seeking a regular learning schedule can sign up for our group tutoring sessions, which is especially useful for increasing the chances of actually completing the course.
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🆓 Free courses

We believe that educational materials should be accessible to everyone! All people should have the access to the best resources online to learn and accomplish their goals. Following that ideology, our courses will always be FREE for everyone.

🎓 Tutoring Classes to Practice Regularly and Build Community

We offer group tutoring in our Student plan to help with regular practice.
Did you know that the completion rate of an online computer science course is ~5%? So, ~95% of people don’t get to the end of the course and drop it as soon as they reach a challenging topic.
With regular group tutoring sessions, learners get unstuck and progress faster. The sessions are also a great way to make friends in the community of learners. This really helps with keeping the motivation high.

✨ Asynchronous education

With modern technologies, it’s possible to provide a fully asynchronous education for learners and tutors. Students can go hard and complete our courses as quickly as they can or they can take their time to digest the material within a longer time span.
When organizing group tutoring sessions, we group people who have made the same progress together. So, during a group meeting, everyone has the same context and approximately the same knowledge (Students who have reached the level where they cover for loops are in one group, while those who reached the level of if/else statements are in another. And these groups can change from meeting to meeting).
We believe this kind of division by the made progress is beneficiary for both students and tutors. Students who learn fast don’t get bored in the classes as they usually do at schools, while people who need more time, have the flexibility to study longer and remain consistent.

⚡ Instant feedback

As a student getting feedback is very important. Profound Academy focuses on giving instant feedback to enable students to learn at their own pace. Traditional schools and universities usually require several days or even weeks to check the homework and then hand out the checked versions to students. That slows down the learning process and affects the quality of the learned material.
With instant feedback, students know exactly at every point that they have mastered the topic and they have a good understanding of the covered material.

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