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AI Assistant

Learning with personalized assistance is the future of education! The AI Assistant is designed to work alongside our in-depth computer science courses, providing you with a comprehensive learning experience and helping you find mistakes more quickly. The assistant analyzes your code and detects mistakes, after which it provides feedback along with suggestions on how to improve or fix your code. Have a look at the demo 👇

💻 Find bugs quicker

Are you tired of spending hours trying to debug your code, only to find out that you made a small mistake? The AI Assistant is here to help you overcome that frustration and make sure you make consistent progress without getting stuck.
If your code fails when submitting a solution for exercise 2 times, the UI will prompt you to ask the AI Assistant for help. If it detects any mistakes, it will provide suggestions on how to fix them. This way, you can learn from your mistakes and improve your coding skills.

🔥 Free usage for everyone

To make things even better, every user can use our AI Assistant 10 times a month for free. After that, you can purchase unlimited access to our AI Assistant at an affordable price.
Don't let coding errors hold you back from reaching your full potential. Try our AI Assistant today and take the first step towards mastering computer science. Sign up now and start coding like a pro!

Picking the best plan for you



(lifetime access)

Take courses

Access side quests

Community of learners

Learn at your own pace



(monthly payment)

AI Assistant

Unlimited help

Never get stuck

Progress consistently



(biweekly payment)

Group tutoring

3 weekly meetings

≤ 8 students in class

Certificate of completion