Below are the main things that we plan on adding to the platform in the near future.

1. Courses

There are several courses that we plan on adding to the list of publicly available courses. The goal is to cover most of the curriculum taught at computer science departments in universities. Those are grouped into the categories below:
JS Intro
SQL Intro
C Intro
Python Mid
Bash + Scripting
JS Mid + Typescript
Data Science
C++ Intro
Java Intro
Software Security
*React + NextJS
ML Intro
C# Intro
* Creating a React course will require a new IDE with a persistent session. Our current approach relies on a minimal text editor that doesn’t have IntelliSense or smart completions. Having a front-end course will require a fully-featured IDE along with real-time in-browser rendering of the project.

2. Docs

Currently, there are no docs available for teachers describing how they can use the platform to streamline their teaching process.
We will add docs showing all the features of the platform along with quick how-to guides for specific use cases.

3. Translations

We are planning on translating our courses into several major languages. This will help local schools and universities easily reuse our content. Below is the list of several languages that we would like to support:
  • Spanish
  • Hindi
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
This list will expand as we grow. The goal is to make high-quality computer science education accessible to as many learners as possible. So, we’ll do our best to localize our content to as many languages as possible without compromising the quality of the materials.

4. Learning Paths

Once we have enough publicly available courses, we will also publish learning paths so that students know where exactly they should start and how they should progress through the whole curriculum.
The learning paths are currently planned to be similar to blog posts that describe the order of courses one should take to accomplish a certain career goal.