Empowering Schools for the Digital Age

In today's world, Computer Science and education are being redefined. As the digital landscape swiftly evolves, schools are not just adapting but leading the change, molding future leaders and innovators for a technology-driven era. At Profound Academy, we're dedicated to transforming the traditional classroom into a vibrant, tech-driven learning environment. We equip educational institutions with the tools they need to provide a cutting-edge, engaging, and effective learning experience for their students. Our immersive programming curriculum makes sure students get experience in the rapidly changing field from a young age, ensuring that the younger generation is adept at meeting the technological demands of the future.

Elevate Your Curriculum for Tomorrow

💻  Hands-on Learning: Going beyond traditional textbooks, we offer an experiential pedagogy that makes learning a dynamic and interactive journey.
🚀 Future-Ready Learning: Equip your students with skills for a tech-forward world, including AI, Programming, Cybersecurity, and more.
📚 Cutting-Edge Materials: Our curriculum undergoes annual updates, ensuring you always stay ahead of the curve.
🧩 Tailored to Your Needs: Every school is unique. That's why we customize curricula to perfectly fit your requirements.
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Engage, Educate, Excel

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🎮 Interactive Learning: Gamification transforms the learning process into an exciting journey. Witness students become eager learners, delving deep into their subjects.
⚡ Rapid Feedback Loop: Our platform immediately pinpoints errors, allowing students to actively engage and rectify them. This streamlined approach accelerates understanding and enhances the overall learning experience.
📖 Our curriculum mapping seamlessly integrates with your school's framework, transforming learning into a joyful and streamlined experience.

Scaling Made Effortless

📈 Smart Operations: We help you grow efficiently by scaling operations with software.
🤖 Automate the Mundane: 80% of manual work done by teachers, like checking homework or providing feedback, is handled by the platform.

Data-Driven Decisions

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📊 In-Depth Insights: From performance metrics to individual progress trackers, get a 360° view of your student's academic journey.
🔍 Stay Informed: With our analytics, you know what is happening in real-time, ready to make impactful decisions.

Certification and Going Beyond Computer Science

Certificates: Profound Academy not only enriches students' learning but also provides certifications, adding significant value to their academic portfolios and giving schools a competitive edge.
STEM Ready: It's not just about coding. Get set to introduce your students to our comprehensive curricula in Math, Physics, and more, coming soon!

Helping You Prepare Tomorrow's Top Professionals

We are here to help you create the best learning experience for teachers and students. Request a demo to see how we can help your school or university.

Future-Ready Education

There is a big need to prepare students for tomorrow’s world (AI, Data Science, etc.)

We provide high-quality curriculum which includes both theoretical and practical materials for various subjects, including AI, Data Science, and more.

Our curriculum is designed to provide in-depth knowledge, ensuring students are ahead of the competition.

Constant Changes

In rapidly changing fields like Computer Science, teachers need to constantly stay updated and adapt to the new industry requirements.

We do intensive teacher training sessions to make sure they are well-equipped with the knowledge to teach their students.

All our materials are regularly updated to stay relevant to the cutting-edge industry standards.

Homework & Feedback

Teachers have to manually check homework assignments and give feedback, making it hard to scale the operations.

Our platform takes care of the mundane work, automating the whole process of assignment checking.

AI Assistant helps your students find their mistakes faster and point them in the right direction. It will answer the most common questions helping your teachers focus on providing high quality education.

AI Checker automatically grades the correctness of the students' submissions (like proofs, long text answers, etc.). It also provides feedback on their submissions, saving many hours.

Mastery-based Learning

Classes usually don’t have sufficient hands-on materials to fully master each concept.

We provide 100-300 hands-on exercises (which is about 5-10x more than what an average university does) for each course. All of those are fully customizable, making sure that teachers can deliver the best experience for students.

Besides hands-on coding exercises, the curriculum also includes asessment questions like multiple choice, checkbox, and text answer type of exercises to make the learning process as efficient as possible

Centralized Knowledge Base

There is no easy way of facilitating collaboration between teachers and standardizing parts of their courses.

By using the platform, you can have a centralized knowledge base, making sure your teachers have a great baseline to start with.

Insights & Monitoring

It's hard to tell how students are perfoming during the year and help them proactively.

The platform provides many insights into the progress of students, how well they perform, what is the overall progress in the class, and which parts are the most challenging for students.

Live coding allows teachers to monitor students' progress in real-time as they code. See their code, their progress, and help them debug their errors as they type. This is especially useful for problem solving sessions.


Students are not engaged and are easily bored.

The platform encourages students through gamification to ensure they keep learning and consistently progressing.

Timed contests allow students to compete with each other and see their progress in real-time, which boosts their engagment.

Organize exams and tests to make sure students are on track and are learning the material.


It’s hard for students to get international recognition.

Upon completion of the course, students get an official certificate from Profound Academy which can help them build their portfolio.

We are here to help you create the best learning experience for teachers and students. Request a demo to see how we can help your school or university.

Here's What You Get

High-Quality Curriculum

Comprehensive curriculum that is fully customizable to fit your needs. The curriculum is constantly updated to stay relevant with the latest industry standards.

Interactive Platform

The platform saves a lot of time for teachers by automating more than 80% of tasks, while speeding up the learning process for students by offering an engaging environment.

Cheating Detection

(Currently in private beta)

We detect and report any cheating - be it from another student or an AI tool (like ChatGPT), ensuring a fair environment for all learners.

Grigor Bezirganyan

Grigor Bezirganyan

Data Science and Machine Learning Tutor at Armenian Code Academy

Profound Academy completely transformed my 'Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning' course at Armenian Code Academy, streamlining homework management and providing interactive features that boosted student engagement and understanding. It's the game-changer I highly recommend for any tutor seeking a dynamic and effective way to teach programming.

Movses Saryan

Movses Saryan

C# Course Coordinator at Khorata Games

After teaching C# and game development with traditional methods for 1 year, we switched to Profound Academy, and our students managed to cover twice as much material in the same period of time. By the end of the course, they had a much better understanding of the whole material and were much more independent when writing code and working on their final projects. The platform made it very straightforward for our teachers to transfer high-quality knowledge to the students.

Hayk Tarkhanyan

Hayk Tarkhanyan

Python Tutor at Armenian Code Academy

I could not ask for a better teaching assistant than Profound. I have always been a believer that in order to get a good grasp on a topic, you need carefully curated exercises that will help you to understand the theory, and a few that will be just enough challenging to push you to your boundaries while simultaneously keeping you motivated. Combine that with verious tools (e. g. live coding, AI assistant, dashboard) and you get the go to platform.