Frequently Asked Questions

What is Profound Academy?

Profound Academy is an educational platform that helps schools and universities provide in-depth knowledge in Computer Science through hands-on learning.

How much does Profound Academy cost?

Book a call with us to find out how much it would cost for your institution.

How does the AI Assistant feature work?

Our AI Assistant offers hints and suggestions, guiding students through coding problems without revealing solutions, promoting better understanding and retention.

What does 'reused materials' mean?

At Profound Academy, you can enhance your course by utilizing publicly available content, including exercises and teaching materials.

Do I need any specific software to use Profound Academy?

No, Profound Academy is entirely web-based. You can write code directly in your browser with just an internet connection; no software installation is required.

How does Profound Academy assist teachers?

We provide tools for creating exceptional computer science courses, managing classes, checking student progress, giving feedback, and engaging in live coding for real-time assistance.

How do I get more support?

Reach us at Support is available via email or chat.