Frequently Asked Questions

Are the courses free?

Yes, all of them are completely free! We believe that educational materials should be accessible to everyone! All people should have the access to the best resources online to learn and accomplish their goals. Following that ideology, our courses will always be free for everyone.

I don’t have an IT background, can I participate?

Absolutely! Our beginner courses are specifically designed for people with no background or prior experience. They should be easy to follow and you should have a solid understanding of the topic at the end of the course.

Are there hands-on exercises in the courses?

Yes! In fact, everything we teach here is fully hands-on. So, any concept is accompanied by several exercises to make sure you actually master the topic.
The explanatory materials are of any kind - text, images, gifs, or videos. Whatever is the most appropriate and intuitive for that concept. There are many code snippets, examples, and intuitive explanations to make sure everything is explained in the best way possible.

Are there extracurricular exercises as well?

Yes! 🤫 You need to unlock them in each course. They are unlocked as side quests. Each side quest has several exercises (and even extra materials) that can be completed as soon as the side quest is unlocked.
To unlock a side quest you need to solve some of the key exercises in the course.

Is there an age restriction?

No, anyone can participate in the courses and discussions. People of all ages can take courses and sign up for group tutoring sessions including high-school students, university alumni, and even industry experts who would like to switch careers.

How to get the best out of Profound Academy?

  1. You can sign up for group tutoring sessions. Regular meetings make sure you study regularly and don’t get stuck. The experienced tutors will guide you and also give advice on the future paths you might want to take.
  1. Hop on the Discord server to ask and answer questions and participate in the discussions.

What is included in the Student plan?

  1. You will get group tutoring classes 3 times weekly.
  1. The group sizes are ≤8 people. We believe that it’s best to keep the group size small to provide the best experience for each learner. Having peers is also important as learning is mostly a social experience - it keeps the motivation high.
  1. The meeting schedules are flexible. You will be given a choice of dates to choose from. You make your own schedule!
  1. Totally asynchronous learning - you won’t depend on the speed of other learners. Each class is organized in a way to include only people that made the same amount of progress in the course. So, if you’re faster than others, you won’t wait for them to catch up like you would in universities or schools.
  1. Interview preparation upon completion of the course to make sure you land your dream job.
  1. You will get personal guidance and advice from industry experts who already have several years of experience in the field.
  1. Certificates will be granted to learners that complete the course. Special certificates will be granted to those who also finish all the side quests 😎.
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Can I create my own course?

Yes, you can! Contact us at for more details or write in the chat at the bottom right. We’ll set up the environment to best help you get started!