Intermediate Python

Restaurant Reservations

In the task, you have to design the management system of a restaurant chain. A Python class named Restaurant has to be created with two methods - make_reservation and order_food. Then you have to design another class FastFoodRestaurant which is a child class of Restaurant and overrides the make_reservation method to always print We do not take reservations..
The restaurant has a defined number of tables. Each reservation is assumed to be 1 hour long. The make_reservation method should handle this and should print No seats available if there are no tables free for the requested hour. The method make_reservation should take 3 parameters - the name of the person, number of tables, and date-time in the format yyyy-mm-dd-hh. If the reservation is successful, the method should print Reservation made for <name> at <date>.
The order_food method should accept an arbitrary number of arguments that represent the ordered items and print a message Order with <item1>, <item2>, ..., <item_n> placed!.
restaurant = Restaurant('Dining Paradise', 5); restaurant.make_reservation('John', 2, '2023-10-24-19')
Reservation made for John at 2023-10-24-19
fast_food = FastFoodRestaurant('Burger World', 5); fast_food.make_reservation('John', 2, '2023-10-24-19'); fast_food.order_food('Burger', 'Soda')
We do not take reservations. Order with Burger, Soda placed!
restaurant = Restaurant('Dining Paradise', 1); restaurant.make_reservation('John', 1, '2023-10-24-19'); restaurant.make_reservation('Mary', 2, '2023-10-24-19')
Reservation made for John at 2023-10-24-19 No seats available


Time limit: 0.2 seconds

Memory limit: 512 MB

Output limit: 1 MB

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