The Library

A library is a collection of information, sources, resources, and services. It provides physical or digital access to a vast array of books, DVDs, and other materials. It is a bustling hub of knowledge where countless titles, authors, and multimedia items coexist. The task is to create a software system that accurately represents and handles the different types of items available in this library.
To represent the general library item, create a LibraryItem class. Each library item has a title, an author, and an id. It also has a method called __str__() that returns a string with these details in the format "Title: {title}, Author: {author}, ID: {id}".
The library houses two types of items: books and DVDs. To represent these items, you are asked to create two classes, Book and DVD, that inherit from the LibraryItem class.
The Book class should have an additional attribute pages, representing the number of pages the book has. The DVD class should have an additional attribute duration, representing the duration of the DVD in minutes.
Override the __str__() method in each subclass to include the additional attribute. For the Book class, the method should return a string in the format "Title: {title}, Author: {author}, ID: {id}, Pages: {pages}". For the DVD class, the method should return a string in the format "Title: {title}, Author: {author}, ID: {id}, Duration: {duration} minutes".
book = Book('The Great Gatsby', 'F. Scott Fitzgerald', 'B001', 180); print(book); dvd = DVD('Jurassic Park', 'Steven Spielberg', 'D001', 127); print(dvd);
Title: The Great Gatsby, Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald, ID: B001, Pages: 180 Title: Jurassic Park, Author: Steven Spielberg, ID: D001, Duration: 127 minutes


Time limit: 2 seconds

Memory limit: 512 MB

Output limit: 1 MB

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