Functions with return value

Printing in the output is great, but most of the useful functions that we have used before like max() or math.sqrt() do not print a value. They return a result. max() returns the maximum among all the values passed to it. math.sqrt() returns the square root of a number which we can use afterward in our program.
To return a value from a function, we can use the return command:
def celsius2fahrenheit(degrees):
	return 9 / 5 * degrees + 32

print(celsius2fahrenheit(10))                            # 50.0
print(celsius2fahrenheit(10) + celsius2fahrenheit(20))   # 118.0
We can have functions with more operations in their body before returning:
def product(numbers):
	res = 1
	for n in numbers:
		res *= n
	return res

print(product([4, 5, 6]))   # 120
print(product([-1, 0, 5]))  # 0


You are asked to write a function called vote, which would return the element which appears the most frequent among the 3 numbers passed to it. If all of them are different, the function should return the first one.
The input contains 3 numbers.
The program should print a single number - the most frequent one returned by the function vote.
0 1 0
1 2 3


Time limit: 2 seconds

Memory limit: 512 MB

Output limit: 1 MB

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