Ant colony

Ants are amazing. They are hard-working, very organized, and construct amazing habitats.
Knowing that you’ve decided to start keeping an ant colony in an aquarium at home.
notion image
You’ve obtained n ants from a friend of yours and you’re wondering how many ants will there be in y years. Your friend tells you that the colony size increases by p percent every year. So, you decide to do the calculation for each of the next n years and see what the progress will look like.
The program will receive 3 integers. The number of ants your friend gave you n, the number of years you’re interested y, and the growth percentage p.
150 8 10
165 181.5 199.65 219.615 241.5765 265.73415 292.307565 321.5383215


Time limit: 2.4 seconds

Memory limit: 512 MB

Output limit: 1 MB

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