tuple from list

We can “freeze lists” by turning them into tuples:
greetings = ['Hi', 'Hello', 'Hey']
greetings = tuple(greetings)
print(greetings)     # ('Hi', 'Hello', 'Hey')
Note that the output of this code is ('Hi', 'Hello', 'Hey') indicating that the variable greetings is of type tuple.
We will cover tuples again when we start writing functions.


Given n names in the input, create a tuple called names and print the resulting tuple in the output.
The first line of the input contains a single integer n. The next n lines contain names each on a separate line.
The program should print a single line - the resulting tuple.
5 Anna Bella Lucy Stella Susan
('Anna', 'Bella', 'Lucy', 'Stella', 'Susan')


Time limit: 2.4 seconds

Memory limit: 512 MB

Output limit: 1 MB

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